Roleplay in this mod will have you playing Captain Kirk on board the Enterprise with future updates allowing role play as either Klingon or Romulan Empires.

During gameplay in the mod Starfleet Command may assign a specific mission such as a medical mission where Doctor Leonard McCoy and a medical team are required to beam down to a planet to help the inhabitants battle a breakout of Sakuro's Disease.

When not assigned a mission you are free to explore the universe.... well not exactly free. You may decide to take the Enterprise in one direction however this mod will have Captain Kirk commanding the Enterprise and you will roll a 12 sided dice to determine the direction that Kirk wants to take the Enterprise.


You roll a 6 . Note this in the Captain's Log.

Refer to the diagram below which shows that with a 6 the Enterprise heads directly downwards until it arrives in a new system or a previously explored system.

When you arrive in a system access the Wiki to determine what happens next.

When you are ready to leave the system, roll the dice again.

Referring to the Captain's Log you will see the last time you rolled the dice you rolled a 6. For the next roll you are limited to dice results within 1 of your last roll left and right. So with rolling a 6 your next roll of a 12 sided dice must be in the range 5, 6 or 7 which will be your next direction. This is so that you do not reverse direction or zig zag too much. Note the result of this next roll in your Captain's Log for reference for your next roll.

However this step only happens if you do not need to refuel your ship. If you need to refuel head to your nearest starbase and after refueling access the starbase section of this wiki for departure procedures.

If your first roll of the dice had been an 11 then your second roll would be limited to the directions 9, 10, 11, 12 or 1.

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